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Redesign of error 404 page is the subject of this case study. It is about the largest online marketplace in Iran with more than 600,000 users for event organizers, and also its ticketing system makes marketing and selling tickets easier for organizers. Let’s take a look at this case study.

It was just a few months that I joined the team. I found out that error pages were not efficient. There are many articles about designing error pages; this article provides a case study of the impact of an error page.



In my periodic review of Google Analytics, when following the users flow funnel, I found that a significant number of users (15000 per month) churned from the wrong url. So I checked our error page, and DING!! It was a dead-end route.
Many times, the organizers changed the event name as well as the URL, resulting in error pages for users with previous urls. These users have no options on the error page, and their only choice is to leave the web page.



Improve the design of error pages.